Pseudo-Feminism: The New Evil In The Society

Feminism, sexism, fascism, criticism or any ‘isms’ that prevail in this society has an underlying rule. If you misuse these terms, you are bound to look stupid to any imbecile out there. The fraudulent use of powerful words to implement ideologies and rights have recently created a dent in this society. Well, of course, we could push it away as nothing short of a Freudian Slip, but are we really going to be that ignorant?

Who is the better sex? Let us not indulge in that conversation yet, in fact, let us not indulge in that horrendous topic at all. After over grazing on a series of internet debates and mindless brain pickings, I came across a bunch of people who portray themselves as an army of righteous beings striving for the betterment of women in all walks of life. But I spotted a flaw. It was like a virus in our computers, disguised as a legitimate computer program.

They were the pseudo-feminists. The black mark we have feared all this while.

Why may you ask? Why are they the black mark in this society?

Let me give you an analogy. What would you infer about a cancer support volunteer who advocates a smoking commercial? Or a fitness centre employee who hands out free burger meal coupons? Outrageous isn’t it?

This is the similar case with pseudo-feminists. They are the people (both men and women) who claim to be feminists but yet successfully manage to ignore the true meaning of feminism, equality. You will know one when you see one. They are easy to spot. They are the ones who blather on and on about how terrible men are or how men have it easier in this world than them. Such allegations can lead to false rape accusations and denial of rape of men (Yes! Men get raped too).

Feminism demands only one thing and that is to be social equals. Everything else you have heard is utterly crass. Feminism is not misandry. They do not hate men. In a grossly male dominated world, it is hard to have a good impression on feminists.

What makes one a pseudo feminist? Well, take notes.

1. Encouraging the idea that women deserve more than men.

2. Thrusting ideologies of how women should be in a society without the consideration of free will.

3. Discouraging or patronising women who want to stay at home or choose to be home makers.

4. Condemning women who do not dress well or do not wish to wear makeup.

5. Failure to provide men with the benefit of the doubt when it comes to domestic violence or rape accusations.

6. Degrading men who choose to stay home and take care of the family.

The list goes on, but you get my point.

The word pseudo feminism has backfired on the true and honest individuals. Now, when a true judgement of equality arises, this word has been slapped on the feminists who try to make a point.

We cannot blame them. The word feminism is a misnomer among most these days. The society sees is it as a ‘dirty’ word proclaimed by a bunch of angry women with a lot of time in their hands. It is very easy to say that you are pro-women, but most of them don’t even know the true meaning and reason behind it.

But can you blame them? No. Because feminism is an abstract in itself, with a vague definite. You cannot assign a proved explanation or theory regarding the concept of feminism. Consider it as an emotion, unexplainable.

I am sure by now most of you feminists out there want my head on a spike, but I urge you to be patient. Give me the benefit of doubt.

We weld rape and harassment to feminism like peanut butter to jelly. When as a matter of fact it should be a concern to humanity and not gender specific. When a woman gets abused and raped, it should be a concern to the society, it should be a punch in the face to humanity because it can happen to men, transgender or any other gender that exist in this world. It is a matter of moral fibre.

When a woman graduates with a degree of the highest standards and yet decide to stay at home, that is her choice and not a shame to the education she received and definitely not a shame to the women of the society. This is equally applicable to men as well.

However, in the same train of thought, aren’t women really more emotionally equipped than men? I once saw this hilarious video by Mark Gungor on how men and women think differently. He said that men’s brains are made up of boxes and each box handles a specific job or emotion. Whereas a women’s brain is made up of wires, each job, emotion and memory are inter linked, one leading to the other.

I couldn’t agree more. Both men and women are biologically equipped differently. We must embrace this difference and not destroy it.

The true feminists both men and women (Ex: Emma Watson and Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk)) are too busy working to bring equality for all, they are not bigoted or biased. They fight for both men and women. They do not care if you want to work or not work, if you want to party all night or stay at home, they do not care about your job, your clothes, your looks or your financial status. But it comes down to one thing.

If you are a woman who shares a man’s status and level of authority, you make sure you get everything they have and nothing short of greatness. Because we deserve it, both men and as well as women. Opportunity and honour are the two keystones in life that must be handed to both men and women equally. Women should be able to join the hard core jobs like men, and men should be allowed to stay at home and take care of the family. That is not what pseudo feminists want. They envision a world run by women and women alone. Consider it as a mass genocide of men.

So, dear pseudo feminists, you do not get the extra benefit of respect only because you were born a girl. You will get it because you are a human and if you treat others well and so. Kindly stop giving men a reason to consider us feminists as a joke. Stop shaming men who cry. Stop expecting men to be the bread winner of the family. Stop supporting patriarchy.

Critical Mass 2017

Have you ever popped popcorn in a pot on a stove? It starts off slow-one lonely kernel, a signal. Gradually more join in until it reaches the point where the kernels are popping almost all at once-rapid-fire.

That’s where we’re at in terms of the awakening of Consciousness on the Planet-those who are more interested in “transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all,” than in self-enrichment, self-aggrandizement or self-promotion are awakening and recognizing two profound truths: We are One and there’s enough-and, Our time has come.

We are One and there’s enough. There are enough resources and enough know-how to create a world that is pollution-free and providing abundantly for all its inhabitants. The sticking point is the ignorance that promotes greed. In order to change that the Hundredth Monkey effect has to kick in. And that depends on you-your active participation.

I’ve been using this particular analogy for more than a decade: Imagine humanity as a singular large body with each of us as individual cells in that body. If we want the body to be enLightened, each of us needs to focus on enLightening our own cell. The more of us who Light up our cells, the Lighter the body will be. That ‘Light’ is awakened Consciousness, and critical mass in terms of social engineering is a much smaller number than we imagine-somewhere between 10-17%.

Our time has come. We have reached the point where the process of awakening Consciousness is being supported on a mass scale-by Cosmic forces of Universal proportion-and whether you know it or not, if you’re reading these words, you are meant to participate in this glorious transformation of a civilization and a planet.

You’re not being asked to make any sacrifices, and you’re not being asked to spend money you may not have. You’re only being asked to step forward and say: “I’m in. I’m willing to take the simple steps that will enable Consciousness to more fully awaken in me. I’m willing to cultivate Love in my own being and generate that Love into my community in order to uplift humanity and ‘transform the fabric of reality for the well-being of all.’

The Great Transformation & You

If you are ready to move into the New Paradigm, if you choose to participate in The Great Transformation-moving out of concern for the personal self and joining forces with the Legions of Light currently engaged in elevating an entire Planet into a Higher Realm of being- your life will begin to change in ways both joyful and profound.

As you consciously work on elevating your own frequency-in the name of Service, for the Well-being of All-you receive the first benefits of the intention of your dedication. For the higher the frequency of your energy body, the greater the synchronicity in your field, and the more ease and grace in your life.

The more you choose to move beyond the personal into the Universal, the Oneness, the more aligned you become and the more de-Light-ful your experience.

The higher your frequency, the more Light you carry; the more Light you carry, the more effect you have on those around you-elevating the frequency of your environment and the community in which you reside or the arenas in which you move. As everything gets better for everyone, it naturally gets better for you.

Realize you are not alone in this work-but part of a great wave of Consciousness that is focused on and influencing the Planet, elevating and transforming the very fabric of reality.

Be not distracted by the shenanigans of various actors in the play-but play your part with dedicated focus and watch the changes that arise before you eyes-they are happening, now, everywhere.

The appearance of Time & Space are mutable, not fixed. What you call ‘miracles’ are simply manifestations of intention at a higher level of Consciousness and child’s play for Masters who can manipulate energy at will.